This is heartbreaking information and very difficult to believe, yet… I am open minded and so am very interested in these books (and other similar studies).

This quote I have found (second hand) from another website states – “Kerth has compassion for these very damaged people and he has been trained in a special form of therapy that can help blood drinking addicts recover from their addiction.”

If this practice actually occurs on Earth at this time, then I am 100% certain that this approach (through compassion) is the only realistic approach such that we can move past this recurrent paradigm.

This is why I ordered these two books. Sam


Horrible and fascinating . . . very well written. I believe it to be fact; if fiction, it is certainly convincing. It does seem to explain a lot of things I have read about or heard about; nothing surprising about human nature and how some people crave power so much, and attain it, and then act out their fantasies on other people, subordinating and enslaving them just because they have the power to do so. That is the nature of evil; having no compassion or empathy for the suffering or feelings of others; extreme self-centeredness and narcissism. Seeing others only as means to their own ends; in those peoples’ minds, you are either simply in their way or giving them what they want – not much else. Ultimately this was a tale of great suffering that led to redemption and understanding and if all true, I bow to the author for overcoming the most horrendous abuse and saving himself – i.e., saving his own soul. I salute him.

“Couldn’t put it down.” Maryann

“This is a really good book. Everyone should read it, to get a good idea of what the world is up against. The illuminati are the biggest problem humanity faces. This book, and his first, sheds a light on their evil and psychopathy. The book is easy to read and interesting. Mr. Barker deserves so much credit and thanks for exposing them.” Cathy

“Thank you so much… Im sorry you had to go thru misery. I send you light with might from the highest form of respect and love possible.” Al

“This is very courageous of you and I hope that this book will circulate all over the planet and make more people aware.” Sophie

“We have to awake spiritually and we can put an end to this right now.” Nicole

“Thanks for your courage.The quicker we get this info out there,the more people we can wake up and hopefully get real justice and lock up these sicko’s once and for all and free humanity from this insanity.” Tony

“Thanks for surviving to tell us the truth.” Beatriz

“I got the link from Davidicke.com. thank you,” Aneta

“Although not a victim in this lifetime,certain pointers in my astrological chart point to some sort of systemic abuse in previous lifetimes. This may explain my interest in the occult,and in a horribly fascinated way – SRA,MK Ultra, Alien interference etc. As a mother of two I love and cherish their beautiful souls and will fight against these “humans” who commit these crimes and those who let it happen. Thanks to the internet we are waking up to the deception and horror of our ruling elite and their minions. A lot of warriors of Love are incarnating and are ready to stand ground and take back our planet! Bring it on!!!!” Chris

Kindly, add your comments below…

19 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Dear Kerth,

    Huge gratitude for everything You have done and revealed.

    I’m a native Russian speaker currently based in Spain. Your information is absolutely unique and vital for understanding what is going on in the world.
    Are You interested in translation of Your books into Russian or Spanish?

    Kind regards and lots of love,


  2. Hello, I am looking for permission to translate some of Kerth’s work in Hindi on Youtube. Specially his book RV-UFO-NWO. Can someone let me know how to contact for the same? Thank you so much! This part of the awakening program in India.

  3. Kerth is very brave, and I am truly grateful for his bravery in sharing his wisdom.

    In Deconstructing the Illuminate (if I remember correctly) Kerth suggests that Catholicism began Islam for spiritual and political purposes. Here’s a video I came across that supports that suggestion.


  4. Thank you for your books, how do we get in touch with someone who can help my husband walk out of the destructive effects of trauma based mind control and get his life back?
    Thank you

  5. I am presently experiencing severe satanic abuse to the point where my reality has been hidden completely. I am hearing messages coming through animals also. Messages of attack. So I can’t connect to nature. I am hearing voices constantly, sexual and vulgar, evil and cruel. I am being psychically drugged. I have lost contact with everyone I love and am living in a very hostile reality. I cannot sleep, I have no hunger, I have no feeling, I feel incredibly isolated and alone. I don’t know what to do. This is a matter of eternity and my soul. I read your book Mental Liberation. I didn’t find the fabian technique very helpful for me though as I am having my mind read and am under constant pressure. I am losing all concept of who I really am. It is very difficult for me to form my own thoughts, let alone remember. The drugs that I am under the influence of have cut me off from all feeling and I don’t know how to rise above their influence. they are being administered psychically so I can’t stop their effect but I can definitely feel it. Im being told I will be made a sadist and to rape. I used to be hippie travelling in India. This is not my world. I would really like to get into contact with Kerth to see if he can help me. I don’t think their is anyone else in the world who could understand this. Otherwise I am completely alone. If their is any chance he would be willing to contact me and potentially save my life then I hope he will. Otherwise I fear soon I will be in a very dire situation. Thankyou.

    1. Lauren, I understand that the “dark side” (demons or whatever we want to call them) totally freak out – AND LEAVE – when we use the word “Jesus”. Might try it. Or “Holy Spirit” – or whatever is your favorite term for all that is good, beautiful, true, divine.

  6. We are in a war and unfortunately too many churches refuse to get into the trenches..partly because they have chosen to partner with the system through the 501C3. Thank you for sharing truth. I haven’t known how to pray about this corruption because I didn’t understand the root and I felt defeated. Because of your book, I am now armed with knowledge and confidence in the one true God through His Son , Jesus that we can so easily defeat this enemy by putting on the armor of God in Ephesians 6. I believe love is strongest weapon we have. Love God with all your heart and mind, Love and forgive yourself, love and forgive others as you love and forgive yourself. Pray without ceasing. I plan on my own campaign to bring ppl together under God instead of under the TV!

  7. I read all of your books and have begun to see good results from practicing your therapeutic methods. Especially the gratitude practice, which I have heard from other sources, but no other source explained the reason why gratitude was important as well as you did. My life took on a more peaceful and content tone after I started doing the happy memory analysis and the gratitude practices. Now I find blessings around me everyday. Thank you so much for your work. You’ve made such a difference to my life.

  8. My son is a victim through his father. I knew nothing about it until my son was nine years old. I could tell that there was something not right, but couldn’t imagine anything like this. After my husband was out of the house, he had threatened me, and I filed a protective order, prior to divorce, my son told me what his own father had done to him. I was devastated and called the police. My son lied to them, because he was ashamed. I took him to a trauma therapist for four years, and it did seem to help, but he is an atheist today. He’s 24, and I pray for him everyday. Please pray for him. His name is Adam.

  9. After twenty years of deep diving what is really going on in the world and still not having the answer I happen across Kerth Barker’s work. “Cannibalism, Blood drinking and High Adept Satanism” is the most powerful (Conspiracy) book I have ever read. It answered all my questions. I now have Angel Defenders and will read all of your work.

    Raised Catholic and lived most of my life unimpressed with organized religion, my research has been leading me to a relationship with God as the answer to all of this mess and your work has solidified that for me. I’m now praying daily and reading the Bible.

    Thank you.

  10. Dear Mr. Barker:

    A member of our ministry read your book, Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers, a most horrific and sad story, but one that we thank you for bravely sharing with the world. Since that time we have not ceased to pray for you to enter into close fellowship with God our Father through His Son Jesus to know the Lord’s love for you and His power to heal and bless beyond our imagination–truths Satan tried to keep you from knowing. You are a great inspiration to others and a precious soul to the Lord Jesus. May God continue to draw you to Himself, to teach you His holy Word in the Bible, and to protect your mind, body, and spirit.

    With much love in Christ,
    HeavenlyManna.net team

  11. I became ill and had to go to bed for four months when Pizza-Pedogate broke. I went looking for what manner of therapeutic approaches there may be for the enormous flood of wounded people we must help heal when the trafficking, pedo rings and Illuminati is dismembered. I found your books, Kerth, and ordered all of them. I saw “Fabian Therapy” and was a little freaked, because I knew The Fabian Society is linked to the Illuminati. You explained that it’s your own chosen name for the approaches to healing victims such as yourself, because your therapists were defectors from that system. They knew how to undo what had been done. NOW… my interest: I was extremely pleased to see that the therapy includes several of the processes I had used myself to uncover my own pre-verbal incest abuse. I have journals spanning 45 years, filled with dreams, waking dreams, past-life regressions, meditations, hypnosis, breath work and bioenergetic type exercises, I love that Fabian Rx is gentled down to allow the mind to heal at it’s own rate without reliving all the terrors. I had just begun to have memory leakage of abuse and didn’t have memories. I pushed myself in a fury to figure out how I got to be my dissociative and psychic self. I love it that you have a book to help “deal” with the psychic after effects. It took a long time to become comfortable with that one. I’ve been at it for many years and I’m a joyful person. I was ashamed to share some of the worst in the book I have almost completed. My intention for the book is sharing how I used those memories in current life situations. One of the big themes in my past life memories is VIRGIN SACRIFICE. It seemed too unbelievable. I had to have made it up… Nobody would do that horrible stuff to an innocent child. Right? Nothing I recorded approached the magnitude of depravity being unleashed on victims now. We must stop them. We must realize that victims, untreated, run the risk of becoming victimizers. They need to know that there is a potential for purposeful, joyful life. Oh, the compassion I’ve been shown from Spiritual Guides, from God. Recently, they comforted me during my pizza gate hibernation; “You are doing just fine. You were born for this time.” Because of the lifelong effects of early abuse which I couldn’t even remember, and how I had to struggle to regain my own soul, I can’t imagine what character of warrior spirit you possess, Kerth. I have enormous respect for your courage to heal, to share, to contribute to a more loving future for this planet. Thank you.

    1. I do not claim to be an expert in any field and have only recently to my horror discovered these depths of the reality of evil in the worldwide abuse of innocent children, but I feel that I can offer you a solution. Only God Himself can heal you from your unimaginable scarring… the one and only True God, the Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) God of the Bible. Please turn to the Bible, reading it thoroughly and repeatedly while asking God to heal you. The Bible is His Word. It is what He has spoke to us and Satan does all in his power to keep it from us. There is no substitute for God’s Word and anything that contradicts it is a lie. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. God is love. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you. Praise Him and demons flee. There is healing in the Name of Jesus.

  12. I looked up Fabian Therapy on the internet and can not find much about it. i plan on getting the books but I still would like to learn more about it.

  13. I want to thank Kerth Barker for his book, Mental Liberation in The Age of Thought Control, which was very consoling and helpful for me to read. I especially appreciate the aspect of Fabian Therapy in which the person works on rehabilitating her memory without having to focus on traumatic memories. I think I’ve needed to focus on my own traumatic memories to some extent, so that I could understand the context of my life experience. Now that I realize the fact of being programmed as a small child (which was very hard for me to believe at first) I am grateful to Kerth for showing me how to mend my memory without having to continue focusing on the negative. For this I am very grateful. Thank you, Kerth.

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