Prayer for the Children

Later in this article I’m going to say a prayer for the victims of organized child prostitution and I’m going to encourage you to pray also. But first I’m going to briefly talk about this issue.

Recently I did some editing on my book Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor. This forced me to think about this issue again.

I’ve heard that in 2018 more than four hundred and twenty-four thousand children in the United States were actually found to be missing. And this trend has been going on for years. But this also is an international problem, and it’s difficult to say how many missing children have been abducted, trafficked and forced into child prostitution. The actual problem is worse than what is suggested by these statistics.

Joseph Stalin sarcastically once said that the death of one man is a tragedy but the death of a million men is a statistic. And that’s the problem with statistics, you can’t relate to them in a personal way. That’s why I wrote my book. I felt that although my personal story wasn’t as bad as what has happened to so many children abused by these groups, I could at least give an understanding to readers of what a child trapped in one of these groups feels like. I wanted people to stop looking at the statistics and to start caring about the children.

Children are often times ruined by this type of abuse.

They are sometimes raped to death. They are sometimes given STDs. They are often tortured and brainwashed. They may be driven into insanity. As adults they often turn to drug and alcohol addiction. Sometimes they survive only to live their lives in quiet desperation. Sometimes they come to identify with their abusers and grow up to become abusers themselves.

But that’s not the worst of it. Some children, after being sexually abused for a period of time, are then tortured to death, so that their blood can be harvested to be consumed by blood drinking addicts.

The world cannot go on denying that this is really happening. The full truth of this is going to come out soon. The Franklin Cover Up, the pizza gate scandal and the Jeffrey Epstein scandal are just the tip of the iceberg.

In my books I talked about a man we called the Baron. Basically he was a smaller version of what Jeffery Epstein was. This all took place decades ago, long before the internet, and since then things have changed. It is now possible for the truth to come out.

You cannot stop a bomb once it explodes, and what I see now is a TRUTH BOMB that is exploding in the world. This TRUTH BOMB is exposing these organized child prostitution groups. This TRUTH BOMB is showing the public how child prostitution is used to blackmail influential persons so that the blackmailers can achieve greater wealth and political power.

So this is a problem that all caring people in the world must be prepared to deal with now. And the first step to solving any problem is to pray about it. If you pray to God first, everything that follows will be according to God’s loving guidance. So I am now going to say a prayer for the children. And I ask that when you are finished watching this video, please say a prayer for the children, in whatever way is right for you. And then tell others to pray.

God Almighty, thank you for the many blessings that you have given to all humanity. Thank you for hearing our prayers. We are now aware that thousands of children in every country around the world are being abused by organized child prostitution rings. But we have faith that your divine power is greater than any power on Earth. Thank you for sending the power of the Holy Spirit to help us in so many ways. Thank you for the army of your angels who guide and defend us. When possible, may the hearts of these child abusers be turned away from evil, back to decency. May the hearts and minds of those in authority be guided by your divine righteousness so that they liberate and help these abducted children. Thank you for having sent your angels to comfort the souls of the hundreds of thousands of children who have already been lost to these evil practices. May you open the eyes of those who refuse to see this problem. May you open the hearts of those who fail to care about these children. May you open the minds of those who refuse to believe in the truth. We pray for all this in the holy name of your son, our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Truly.

Please share with your friends. Thank you for reading and remember to pray for the children, in your own way.

8 thoughts on “Prayer for the Children”

  1. Dear Kerth,

    I just found your works through a German truther. I will start reading …
    The highest ONE is allmighty and our prayers do work, I have personal proof of that.
    The more we “the child loving ones” will stand together the more each child will be safe in its power force field and only love and original care can get through!
    Adults need to heal all and every wounds, so they go back to their original divine self and not fall into the machine: receive evil – do evil. The stuff is also based on DEMAND & SUPPLY , I opt for Zero DEMAND!

  2. That’s what I was trying to do January of this year but found out he died December 2020 due to an illness that was possibly brought on by illuminati cult members.

  3. Kerth,
    I just finished reading your memoir. My heart aches for you and all of the other children who have been subjected to the evil you described and endured. I wish I could just hug and hold every single one of you. A dear friend of mine was sexually abused by a neighbor when she was a child and is still affected to this day and she is 63. Her mother never believed her.
    I know what she went through isn’t anything like what you went through, but none the less it’s evil.
    Your courage and honesty in bringing this issue to light is a blessing and I pray that we can all benefit from your truth and be motivated by God to do something to fight against the evil in our world right now. Even if it’s to save one soul. I will pray for you daily that you will continue to heal and experience peace in your life and one day be glorified in Heaven with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and Holy Angels. May God save and protect the children.

  4. Just discovered your books, I agree the truth is getting out there,
    God bless you and thank you for having the courage to speak out!
    God always wins!

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