The Illuminati Vatican & Its War with the Russian Orthodox Church

by Kerth Barker, December 4th, 2015

George Santayana once said, “Those who fail to
learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” And
it’s true that if you don’t understand the lessons of
the past, you can’t prevent disasters from repeating
themselves in the future. It’s also true that the events
of the present day do have their roots in the past.
In this article I’m going to briefly outline the root
causes of the the recent endorsement by Pope
Francis of Agenda 2030 which he made before the
UN. And I’m going to suggest that the proxy war
between the United States and Russia in Syria may
have some deeper root causes which are unseen by
the general public.

I believe that the propaganda media of the
United States has wrongly demonized the Russian
military and President Putin as the aggressors in
Syria. What I’m going to suggest here is that this
propaganda media spin on the situation Syria is not
really accurate. Given Turkey’s hostility toward
Russia and Syria’s proximity to Russia, President
Putin can hardly be expected to ignore the military
build-up that has taken there by forces hostile to

But before I explain this, let me go into how I first
came across this information myself. For a number
of years I helped to produce and sometimes host a
radio program where I would frequently talk about
how I survived satanic ritual abuse, and on that
show I would also share with others what I knew
about the Illuminati doctrine. It’s because of my
involvement with that radio show that I would
eventually develop a relationship with a number of
individuals who over a period of years have been
sharing with me insider insights as to the true nature
of the Illuminati…

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5 thoughts on “The Illuminati Vatican & Its War with the Russian Orthodox Church”

  1. Slavic Historian is as biased and limited in his thinking as he accuses you of being. He mixes half truths to get a picture he likes. Obviously totally ignorant of recent genetic research, showing the homogenous roots, with very small admixtures, of Ukranians, Belorussians, Russians etc. Vikings and Mongols making up Muskovy only in the obsolete, establishment endorsed false history. As to the Russian Orthodox Church, one needs to understand how Orthodox Churches are always local and there was one Slavonic language Christian Church from Bulgaria to the northen reaches of Finland. Politicized over time of course as are all structures, and toxically mixed with anti-Christian powers since the Satanic Bolshevik terror. But the Church is the people in Communion with our Father, as Khomikov defined it, and we are the body of Christ. The last Russian Christian Tsar, was a Christian vilified in life and in death by the world, and was martyred with his family by the enemy’s minions. Many Saints and faithful, throughout the whole empire, including the Ukraine, called him “the one who held back the Spirit of the anti-Christ” and prophesied rivers of blood if he was not protected by his people. Slavic Historian has a very political view, not a scientific or spiritual one. May God open his eyes to the Truth.

  2. Kerth, you present some very valuable information and I am benefiting from one of your books. However, I need to say that before publishing papers like this, you do need to do much more historical research into Eastern Europe.

    Since there was no Russia in 1439, there was no Russian Orthodox Church. You have your history confabulated with the false history constructed by the Russian USSR. Muscovy, a Mongolian Tribute, did not even become a nation state until 1450, under Ivan the Terrible. It was so insignificant a place, the Mongolian army burnt it down twice just to amuse themselves.

    There was no such name as “Russia” until 1710, when Peter I deceitfully renamed Muscovy to claim false kinship with the Slavic tribes, i.e., mainly Ukrainians. He sealed this fraud by annexing Crimea the first time, using the Prussian Katerina the Great.

    “Rus’ya” means “Slavic”, which Muscovites are determinedly not. They are a mix of Viking predators and Mongolians. Vikings invaded Ukraine in the 900’s, slaughtering Slavic tribe members and stealing resources. The entire culture is fabricated from Slavic literature, music, design, dance, cuisine. There was a Ukrainian Orthodox church, but again, Russians are unrelated to Ukrainians.

    The “Russian” Church is a very new invention, and therefore this entire history and its premise are deeply flawed. Russia has engaged in a long game of slaughtering Slavs and plundering their resources for over a thousand years, and continues to do so with the current genocide in Ukraine. The Russian Orthodox Church is a purely political invention, created to spiritually justify ongoing genocide of Slavic Indigenous peoples. It is at severe odds with Ukrainian Orthodoxy, practiced in its pure form in Ukraine for a millenium.

    I don’t mean to be sarcastic in the face of so much go information you have published otherwise, but this article reads as if you acquired historical information from “Russipedia”, which is a joke around the world as pure fabrication. Russia practices a form of mind control over the populace by sheer dogged repetition of falsehoods,i.e. that it is an ancient culture, rich in resources. It is a barbaric parasite, likely in competition with the Illuminati for world domination. That is Russia’s goal, but only for Russia’s sake. Here’s a clue as to how they infiltrate: a body of Slavic scholars attempted to correct small but important facts on Wikipedia regarding the Slavic origins of certain inventions. For example, Ihor Sikorsky was born in Kyiv, which has always remained Indigenous Ukrainian land. Wiki showed him as Russian. The attempt to edit his place of birth, resulted in these scholars being banned from Wiki by a board of “editors.” Correspondence with Wiki’s president, Jimmy Wales, continued to be referred back to this same corrupt, and we now realize, Russian board of editors. There was an article on a fictional place called “NovoRussia”, which is what Russia has repeatedly called Ukraine and Belarus for centuries. The only reference was Putin. There are countless incidents like this throughout Wiki, and it has been hell trying to edit them for fact.

    As so much of the world relies on Wiki for information, make what you will of their editorial board being controlled by Russian saboteurs.

  3. Finally, wanting to leave the evil clutches of the Illuminati, Joanna said basically deprogrammed herself, convincing herself that good always triumphs over evil.

  4. Kerth,
    Thank you so very much for your books and other content such as this article. I truly appreciate all that you’ve written. As someone who has experienced extensive psychic attacks and finally was able to defend against them (well at least the more significant attacks), I understand the importance of your work.

    If you have any pointers to public sources of information that you trust, i would love the pointers. I am constantly looking for more information to further my understanding of the evil occult matrix/shadow government/Luciferianism, and I trust your opinion.

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