Psychic Development for Prosperity, Self Defense & Political Influence












This is a unique book on the subject of psychic development. The techniques described here you will not find elsewhere. These methods were developed by members of a secretive Christian think tank that was dedicated to opposing occult Satanism.

Some of the principles of psychic ability discussed in this book:

  • All people are potentially psychic, whether they realize this or not.
  • Psychic ability isn’t supernatural or abnormal. Rather it is a natural mental faculty which emerges with proper training.
  • The mental disciplines developed in psychic training are useful in every aspect of your life, thus psychic training is also a form of self realization which enhances your life in general.
  • Psychic training is a mind-body discipline. The development of psychic ability comes primarily through repetitive practices done over a period of time. This is much like the training for sports.
  • Your entire physical body is the organ of psychic reception and projection. Your body is an energetic system and your aura is a part of your body.
  • You will know that you have made a positive telepathic connection when you experience feelings of empathy, good will and serenity.
  • All of the human minds that have ever existed, that exist now and that will ever exist are all connected psychically.
  • Space and time do not place limitations on psychic abilities. With your psychic powers you can mentally access any location at any time period in the cosmos.
  • The foundation of the living cosmos is made up of consciousness and information, and this too is the foundation of the human mind.

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One thought on “Psychic Development for Prosperity, Self Defense & Political Influence”

  1. Are any of your books like this psychic development and overcoming monarch mind control available in kindle?
    It has been incredibly validating to discover you and your work. I’ve spent years of my life wondering how I could have developed such a split as you say in Angelic Protectors: the victim splits consciousness and one part becomes controlled by the manipulator. No one else could explain to me.

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