Overcoming Monarch Mind Control

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  • Introduction
  • A Story Told To Me
  • The (D.I.D. Or Did) Mandate
  • Monarch Mind Control Defined
  • How Monarch Technique Works
  • Symptoms Experienced By Victims
  • Treatment Strategy
  • The Cia’s False Memory Scam
  • Memory Defined
  • Brain Rehabilitation & Journaling
  • Another Story Told To Me
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Finding A New Social Gestalt
  • Hypnotherapy
  • How The Nazis Won World War II
  • Innovative Techniques Described
  • Biofeedback Tracing (Bt)
  • Imaginary Past Life Therapy
  • Birth TrauMa & The Source Incident
  • Taking Back The Real World

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One thought on “Overcoming Monarch Mind Control”

  1. I am greatly encouraged by your website-however, my situation stems from christians using “monarch” against me, and only because of some occultists informing me did I learn of this type of “programming” and the symptoms I was experiencing. Thanks for your work! Debb Kennels

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