Spiritual Protection for Christians (45 minutes)

This video teaches how to use Christian prayer to protect from occult attacks:

This video contains information about how to use Christian prayer to combat the effects of occultism:

This video teaches how Chrstians can protect themselves from occultism:

One thought on “Spiritual Protection for Christians (45 minutes)”

  1. Hi,
    I’m Amee, enchipped lady with a twin sister, both truth researchers, possible MKs not sure, I have seven years of sophisticated remote neural control of ideations attempting to see under which conditions I would snap and kill my twin or get her to kill me, fought quietly programming for years keeping it all in, know ton of classified stuff and now have Morgellons as does my twin, I think they are killing her now through a mix of technology and astral harm channeled through my programming, trying to save myself, my sister, seek Christ, and deprogram–help me please?????


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